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Wednesday 9 July 2014

Office of the Superintendent of Post Offices

Barasat Division

Barasat, Kolkata-124.
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting for the Month of June, 2014 between AIPEU-Class III, Barasat Divisional Branch and Supdt. Of Post Offices, Barasat Division, Barasat, Kolkata-124 held on 11.06.2014 at 11-30 hours in the chamber of the Divisional Superintendent.
The following were present at the meeting:

Administrative side                                       Staff side
1. P.K. Mitra                                                  1. Sri Asit Bangabas, Vice-President.          
Superintendent of Post Offices                      2. Sri  Asim Deb, Member, Exe. Committee.                 
Barasat Division,                                             3. Sri Sudhangshu Kr. Biswas, Exe. member              
Barasat, Kolkata-124.

O L D  I T E M S  O F  A G E N D A;   
3-2/05  :  Revision of MDW of Barasat H.O., Basirhat H.O. , Madhyamgram S.O., New Barrackpore S.O. Katiahat S.O. and Madhyamgram Bazar SO  where new posts has been sanctioned considering the excess work load of the said office. (Action-Mail)

Reply   :  Specimen copy of MDW will be supplied to all the offices mentioned in the agenda for preparation of draft MDW of the offices. 

1-2/06  :  Providing cash van with police escort at Bongaon MDG & Basirhat H.O. as like
Habra SO and Barasat H.O. and providing extra one cash van at Basirhat HO for smooth movement of cash to and from SOs and HO     (Action- Bldg)

Reply   : Revised arrangement has been made for conveyance of cash at Basirhat HO area.  However, tender for acquiring cash van will be floated soon.
3-1/08  :  Dequarterisation of Kholapota SO, H.P. Nagar, D. Chatra SO, Madhyamgram, Haroa, Deganga,  Ganrapota due to inhabitable condition of the SPM’s quarter.   (Action- Building).

Reply   :  Report regarding dequarterisation of H.P. Nagar has since been received from the IP, Habra Sub-Division which will be processed for sending to the CO.  Dequarterization proposal of Chhoto Jagulia SO has since been approved by the CO.  Concerned IPs and ASPOs will be reminded again regarding submission of the proposals for dequarterzation for the post attached inhabitable quarters.           

1-6/10  :  The staff side proposed for re-location of Abdalpur SO with Kazipara BO in account with Noapara SO.  (Action- SO Estt. Br).

Reply   :  The Action is under progress.   

3-6/10  :  Immediate remedial measures to stop the intolerable sound and smell created by the
Departmental Generator of Habra SO ( while it is functioning) which is installed in the public place of Habra SO. (Action- Building). 

Reply   :  Divl. Office will please take immediate action for shifting of the generator installed adjacent to public place at Habra within a reasonable time.

3-7/12  :  Repairing and AMC facilities of UPS of SOs and HOs.  As example- Badu, Noapara, Michaelnagar, H.P. Nagar, Hijalpukuria SO etc. [Action – BD- I & II]. 

Reply   :  The approved vendor for AMC facilities of UPS has not yet been finalized by the CO.  However, some small capacity UPS are being provided by this end to protect the servers from load-shading.   
4-7/12  :  Repairing of cycle shed of Barasat HO and arrangement of cycle shed for Basirhat HO.  [Action- Building]

Reply   :  Last proposal for repairing of the cycle shed of Barasat HO sent to CO has been rejected.  However, as intimated by CO, works will be done on tender basis.   

1-8/12  :  Supply of machines to all the Post Offices for detecting of currency notes which may help to identify the fake notes.  [Action – SO Establishment]

Reply   :  The fake note detecting machine has been approved by the CO for purchasing from the DG, S&D rate contact vendors which will be supplied to the offices within a month.   
1-10/12  :  Arrangement of P.As in vacant posts of Korarbagan, Khantura, Swarupnagar, Ar. Amdanga, Haripur, Rajarhat, Basirhat College, Madhyamgram Bazar, Katiahat,  Gobardanga, Baduria, Ganrapota, Thakurnagar, Ashoknagar, B.B. Para SOs. 

Reply   :  After joining new incumbents, all the vacant posts will be manned(Action- Staff/II )

2-10/12  :  Arrangement of ladies toilet at Kalyangarh, B.B. Para, Gobardanga, Thakurnagar and Navapally and H.P. Nagar SOs. [Action-Building Br]

Reply   :  Land-lord of Thakurnagar and B.B. Para will be communicated soon for providing ladies toilet.   

1-11/12            :  Removal of old records of Barasat HO at the premises of Sethpukur SO and Noapara SO which causing problem to preserve own records of both the SOs.  [Action- Store Br].

Reply   :  As per direction of the Dte. initiatives has been taken for disposal of all old records from various Post offices.      

4-11/12 :  Necessary steps for re-connection of telephone line of Banipur SO [Mail Br. ]

Reply   :  SPM will please take necessary action for providing telephone line.  The matter will be settled after discussion with the SPM. 

2-2/13  :  Re-thinking for re-arrangement of keeping excess cash in nearby police station (which was discontinued) just after occurrence of the theft at Ar. Amdanga SO and proper embedment of godrej defender safe at the Post offices are urgently needed.  [Building]

Reply   : A new Godrej & Boyece Defender Safe has already been embedded at Ar. Amdanga PO.  (Item is closed). 

3-2/13  :  Payment of HRA upto 6 months in respect of concerned headquarter which has not yet changed for the concerned RPA or officials who are on deputation to other offices.  Example- Chhotojagulia SO, Bongaon RS SO.  [Action- Staff-I/Accountant]

Reply   :  The undersigned will personally intervene into the matter for immediate settlement.       

1-5/13  :  Immediate arrangement of toilet for the general staff and separate toilet of female staff of Madhyamgram SO.  [Action-Building]

Reply   :  Decision will be taken after shifting to the proposed new accommodation. 

1-7/13  :  Painting of sign-board and letter boxes- case of Barasat Bazar SO, Khantura SO, Gobardanga SO and others.  [Action-Store Br]

Reply   :  New signage as per existing departmental specification has already been installed at Khantura SO and Gobardanga SO.  Regarding Barasat Bazar SO and other offices under Barasat HO, concerned vendor will be contacted.     

4-7/13  :  Supply of sufficient and high quality computer papers- single, double and triple part to all the offices.  [Action-BD]

Reply   :  Tender for procurement of computer papers will be floated shortly as a proposal in this regard sent to CO is yet to be received. 

4-8/13  :  Repairing of line printer and pass book printers at Barasat HO.  [Action-BD-II]

Reply   :  Discussed and closed.

6-8/13  :  Immediate action towards total computerization of Badu, Michaelnagar  and Banipur SO.  [Action-BD-II]

Reply   :  All the offices running without SANCHAYPOST will be provided with SANCHAYPOST for total computerization by phase manner.  In the first phase, Badu, Michaelnagar, B.B. Para, Banipur and Rajarhat Gopalpur will be done.  My office will take necessary action. 

8-8/13  :  Dequarterization of Rajarhat Gopalpur SO. [Action-Bldg br]

Reply   :  A reminder regarding claim of HRA in respect of Shri Sudhangshu Kr. Biswas will be sent to CO. 

1-12/13 :  Shifting of PO building and payment of HRA to SPM- case of Bhebia SO and its attached quarter.  [Action-building]

Reply   :  FRAC for proposed accommodation for Bhebia SO is under process.     

2-12/13 :  Change of office time ( of all the SOs under Basirhat HO establishment and under Habra & Bongaon Sub-Division). Now said offices are running from 0900 am to 17 pm but out proposal is to run those offices from 10-00 am to 18-00 pm.  [Action-Mail Br]

Reply   :  The matter will be examined with reference to the mail schedule and demand of the locality. 

4-12/13 :  Supply of one extra iron safe to Habra SO. [Action-Building Br]

Reply   :  A concrete proposal for supply of extra iron safe at Habra SO will be formulated and forwarded to CO stating the exigency of the same as Habra is functioning as cash office and huge accumulation of cash.    

5-12/13:  AMC for printers at SOs and HOs [Action-BD-II]

Reply   :  Since there is no AMC for printers, right now, the faulty printers are being repaired by local technicians.

6-12/13 :  Renovation of office post attached quarter of Sindrani SO. [Action-Building]

Reply   :  The Land-lord has already been requested to repair the SPM’s quarter to make it habitable.  Persuasion will be made from the Divl. Office.

1-2/14  :  Settlement of personal claims like TA, OTA, Medical Bills, Incentive Bills etc. within the current financial year. [Action-Acctt/R & D/Mails/SB]

Reply   :  CO will be requested for allotment of adequate fund under head Medical Bill as huge amount of medical claims are still lying undisbursed at this end.

2-2/14  :  Supply of two almirahs for Barasat HO Account Branch and one for Suria SO for keeping records/vouchers etc. which are lying on the floor/other open space unsafely. [Store]

Reply   :  Arrangement for procurement of almirah from the local market will be made. 

3-2/14  :  Supply of two printers at Barasat HO Account Branch. [Action-BD-I]

Reply   :  Printers will be supplied soon.   

4-2/14  :  Suply of 2 Desktop PC (atleast) to Acount Branch of Barasat HO as only 5 PCs provided against 12 officials working now. [Action-BD-I]

Reply   :  A report from the Postmaster, Barasat HO will be asked for regarding the present scenario.   

5-2/14  :  Arrangement of big rack for PLI/RPLI Branch of Divisional Office to keep all records/documents safely and systematically.  (Action-PLI/RPLI]

Reply   :  Item settled, hence closed.

New items of Agenda:
1-6/14  :  Immediate completion of MACP for the officials whose promotion is due within 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014. (Action-Staff-I & Staff-II)

Reply   :  Work is under process.

2-6/14  :  Immediate replacement of old computers and printers in respect of Duttapukur, Ashoknagar, Hijalpukuria, Nabapally, H.P. Nagar, Habra and Deganga etc. Post Offices for smooth functioning of the Post Offices. [Action-BD-II]

Reply   :  Action for condemnation committee has been started.  My office will please expedite action.

3-6/14  :  Repairing & reflooring of Gaighata SO before ensuing rainy season. [Action-Bldg]

Reply   :  Action is being taken in consultation with the land-lord of Gaighata SO.

4-6/14  :  Immediate arrangement towards supply of POSB cheques to all the SOs and HOs.                     [Action-Bldg/Acctt.]
Reply   :  The matter will be taken up with the CO to ensure supply of POSB cheques. 

5-6/14  :  Immediate publication of Gradation List of PA cadre.

Reply   :  It is under circulation.  My office will take necessary action towards completion of circulation immediately and finalization of the gradation list for publication. 

6-6/14  :  Immediate necessary arrangement to all Treasurer posts of the Division where the present incumbent has completed/is completing his treasury tenure, obtaining willingness of the eligible officials of the Division. [Action-Staff-I]

Reply   :  Necessary action will be taken.

7-6/14  :  Engagement of SDS instead of DRM (outsider) for performing works related to PA cadre in both the HOs.  It may be pointed out here that Sri Pratap Ghosh, Ex-PA, Hridaypur SO has submitted his prayer to the Divl. Office. [Action-Staff-I]

Reply   :  Application received from the eligible retired persons will be considered soon.   

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