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Saturday 31 August 2013

Pen Down for 2 hours on 03/09/2013

Pen Down programme on 03/09/2013 for 2 hours (9.00am-11.00am/10.00am-12.00) protesting against New Pension Bill (PFRDA) likely to be submitted in Lokshaba on 2nd Sept.2013 will be held in all Central Govt. Offices including Post Offices, called by Confederation of CG Employees as well as NFPE. Please take all out effort for the success of this programme at Barasat Division.


The said programme may be postpone if the bill will not be submitted by the Govt. on 02/09/2013. Please see the newspaper/TV News. 

Model Question of Postman/MTS exam

Wednesday 28 August 2013


Conduction of Paper II for Candidates of Batches with timing 10:30 AM onwards scheduled for August 24, 2013 at National English School Rajarhat, Kamarbari, Kolkata-700135 have been Rescheduled on August 31, 2013 (Saturday). Exam Center and Batch Timings will remain same and Same Admit Card will be usable on August 31, 2013. No separate communication will be sent to individual candidates.

Tuesday 27 August 2013


LGO EXAMINATION (POSTMAN/MTS to PA) has been deferred vide DTE's no.A-34012/7/2013-DE dated 19.08.2013 and to be held on 15.09.2013 (Sunday) instead of 08.09.2013


On GDS related issue demanding status as per Departmental Employees and other facilities, "March to Parliament" programme will be held on 11th December 2013 called by NFPE and GDS Union.


On the next day, 12th December 2013 "March to Parliament" programme will be held called by all the Central Trade Unions (INTUC, CITU, BMS, HMS, etc.) and Federations demanding the demands of All India General Strike of 20th and 21st february 2013.


Willing Comrades of Barasat Division are requested to inform the concerned Divisional Secretary in advance for booking of railway tickets.

Minutes of Monthly Meeting of Group-C Union

Office of the Superintendent of Post Offices

Barasat Division

Barasat, Kolkata-124.
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting for the Month of August, 2013 between AIPEU-Class III, Barasat Divisional Branch and Supdt. Of Post Offices, Barasat Division, Barasat, Kolkata-124 held on 22.08.2013 at 15-00 hours in the chamber of the Divisional Superintendent.
The following were present at the meeting:
Administrative side                                        Staff side
1. P.K. Mitra                                                   1. Sri Subrata Mustafi,   Secretary.         
Superintendent of Post Offices                          2. Sri  Dhiman Aich, Asstt. Secretary.                 
Barasat Division,                                               3. Sri Ashim Deb, Member.            
Barasat, Kolkata-124.

O L D  I T E M S  O F  A G E N D A;   
3-2/05  :  Revision of MDW of Barasat H.O., Basirhat H.O. , Madhyamgram S.O., New Barrackpore S.O. Katiahat S.O. and Madhyamgram Bazar SO  where new posts has been sanctioned considering the excess work load of the said office. (Action-Mail)

Reply   :  MDW of Barasat HO has since been approved and communicated to the Postmaster, Barasat HO.  Regarding Basirhat HO, the MDW would be finalized on receipt the same back from the Postmaster, Basirhat HO.  Regarding Madhyamgram SO, Madhyamgram Bazar SO, New Barrackpore SO, Katiahat SO and other such SOs, concerned Sub-Divisional heads will be directed to prepare the MDW with the help of the SPMs concerned and submit the same to the Divl. Office for approval. 

1-2/06  :  Providing cash van with police escort at Bongaon MDG & Basirhat H.O. as like
Habra SO and Barasat H.O. and providing extra one cash van at Basirhat HO for smooth movement of cash to and from SOs and HO     (Action- Bldg)

Reply   : Regarding permanent police escort at Basirhat HO and Bongaon MDG, a proposal will be sent to CO for approval. 

            Regarding provision of one separate cash van at Basirhat HO, the matter will be examined to its true aspect. 
3-1/08  :  Dequarterisation of Kholapota SO, H.P. Nagar, D. Chatra SO, Madhyamgram, Haroa, Deganga,  Ganrapota due to inhabitable condition of the SPM’s quarter.   (Action- Building).

Reply   :  On receipt of individual application, proposal for dequarterization of the post attached quarter will be forwarded to the CO for approval.        

1-6/10  :  The staff side proposed for re-location of Abdalpur SO with Kazipara BO in account with Noapara SO.  (Action- building).

Reply   :  The Est-2 of Abdalpur SO has been received and forwarded to the ASPOs, Barasat Sub-Division for verification.  Simultaneously, it will be examined whether Kazipara can be upgraded to departmental SO. 

3-6/10  :  Immediate remedial measures to stop the intolerable sound and smell created by the
Departmental Generator of Habra SO ( while it is functioning) which is installed in the public place of Habra SO. (Action- Building). 

Reply   :  after shifting of office of the IP, Habra Sub-Division to Ashoknagar SO, the generator will be shifted to the proper place. 

1-1/11  :  The existing about 2(two) lakhs NREGS accounts of the Division is still awaited to be opened at the respective HOs which definitely proves that there is huge lack of proper supervision over those accounts.  It is due to shortage of staff, equipments and improper infrastructure.  Necessary action may be taken to set right the problem  .  [SB Br.]

Reply   :  The work will shortly be started from the SOs having NREGS Account specially the CBS designated SOs will be given first preference.  

3-7/12  :  Repairing and AMC facilities of UPS of SOs and HOs.  As example- Badu, Noapara, Michaelnagar, H.P. Nagar, Hijalpukuria SO etc. [Action – BD- I & II]. 

Reply   :  AMCs for the computers and UPS has not yet been finalized at the CO.  Temporary repairing is being done on call basis.
4-7/12  :  Repairing of cycle shed of Barasat HO and arrangement of cycle shed for Basirhat HO.  [Action- Building]

Reply   :  Construction of cycle shed at Basirhat HO has since been completed.  Regarding Barasat HO, the quotations received from the Postmaster, Barasat HO has been returned for re-submission. 

1-8/12  :  Supply of machines to all the Post Offices for detecting of currency notes which may help to identify the fake notes.  [Action – SO Establishment]

Reply   :  A proposal for supply of fake note detecting machine is lying with the CO and reminder was issued on 27.6.2013.  In the meantime, the bigger offices will be provided with the fake note detecting machine from the Divisional Office.    
1-10/12  :  Arrangement of P.As in vacant posts of Korarbagan, Khantura, Swarupnagar, Ar. Amdanga, Haripur, Rajarhat, Basirhat College, Madhyamgram Bazar, Katiahat SOs. 

Reply   :  Vacant posts will be manned after recruitment of the new P.As  (Action- Staff/II Br. )

2-10/12  :  Arrangement of ladies toilet at Kalyangarh, B.B. Para, Gobardanga, Thakurnagar and Navapally SOs. [Action-Building Br]

Reply   :  Provision for ladies toilet will be made on priority basis at Kalyangarh SO, Thakurnagar SO and Navapally SO.  Regarding B.B.para SO and Gobardanga SO, the matter will be taken up later on. 

1-11/12            :  Removal of old records of Barasat HO at the premises of Sethpukur SO and Noapara SO which causing problem to preserve own records of both the SOs.  [Action- Store Br].

Reply   :  Feasibility of keeping records of Postmaster, Barasat HO at Ashoknagar SO will be examined after occupation of office of the SDI(P), Habra and necessary action will be taken.  Simultaneously, a proposal for construction of shed at the third floor will be sent to CO for approval.    

4-11/12 :  Necessary steps for re-connection of telephone line of Banipur SO [Mail Br. ]

Reply   :Necessary action for a new telephone action from any reputed company other than BSNL would be made at Banipur SO.    

5-11/12 :  Repairing/ replacement of water pump of Bongaon MDG which is now in out of order condition.  [Action- Building Br. ]

Reply   :  AE(Civil) will visit Bogaon MDG for repairing of water pump at Bongaon MDG very soon as intimated by CO.

6-11/12            :  Replacement of damaged batteries of UPS and generator set of Bongaon MDG.  [Action- Building Br/BD-II]. 

Reply   :  Batteries of UPS will be supplied soon by the authorized vender approved by the CO.  New battery set for generator of Bongaon MDG will be purchased for which approval has already been given.    

7-11/12            :  UPS of HP nagar SO is out of order since long.

Reply   :  A proposal for purchasing some new UPS will be sent to CO for procurement from the DGS&D approved vendor. 

2-1/13  :  Supply of steel almirah to Abdalpur SO and Kolsur SO and steel rack for Navapally SO. [Action-Store Br]

Reply   :  Discussed and closed.

2-2/13  :  Re-thinking for re-arrangement of keeping excess cash in nearby police station (which was discontinued) just after occurrence of the theft at Ar. Amdanga SO and proper embedment of godrej defender safe at the Post offices are urgently needed.  [Building]

Reply   :  Recovery of lost article including the cash and valuables will be pursued by a responsible officer with the concerned police station.  Action will be taken for providing one godrej defender safe at Ar. Amdanga SO.  Similarly attempt will be made for supply of one additional godrej defender safe at Habra SO. 

3-2/13  :  Payment of HRA upto 6 months in respect of concerned headquarter which has not yet changed for the concerned RPA or officials who are on deputation to other offices.  Example- Chhotojagulia SO, Bongaon RS SO.  [Action- Staff-I]

Reply   :  Necessary instructions will be issued from the Divl. Office to the DDOs.    

1-5/13  :  Immediate arrangement of toilet for the general staff and separate toilet of female staff of Madhyamgram SO.  [Action-Building]

Reply   :  Shifting proposal of Madhyamgram SO is under active consideration of the CO.  After shifting to new accommodation, the matter will be examined.  

1-7/13  :  Painting of sign-board and letter boxes- case of Barasat Bazar SO, Khantura SO, Gobardanga SO and others.  [Action-Store Br]

Reply   :  Necessary action will be taken towards painting of sign-board and letter boxes in phase manner. 

2-7/13  :  Immediate arrangement of Postal Assistants in the vacant posts of Gobardanga, Baduria, Ganrapota, Thakurnagar, Ashoknagar, B.B. Para etc. offices. [Action-Staff-I]

Reply   :  Problem would be solved after recruitment of new batch of P.A.s 

3-7/13  :  Grant of HRA to SPM, H.P. Nagar due to inhabitable condition of office quarter. [Action-Building ]

Reply   :  On receipt of individual application from the SPM, H.P. Nagar towards possession of the SPM’s post attached quarter, further action will be taken.

4-7/13  :  Supply of sufficient and high quality computer papers- single, double and triple part to all the offices.  [Action-BD]

Reply   :  The matter will be taken up with the CO for smooth supply of good quality paper- single, double and triple part. 

New items:
1-8/13  :  Immediate repairing of non-functioning departmental generators of Khantura SO and Ashoknagar SO. (Action-Building]

Reply   :  Necessary action for replacement of generator battery of Khantura SO will be taken.  Regarding Ashoknagar SO- repairing will be done shortly.

2-8/13  :  Immediate repairing of non-functioning UPS of Badu, Navapally and C.P. Bazar SO.
Reply   :  Regarding UPS at Badu SO, a proposal is being sent to CO for purchasing a new one.  Regarding  Navapally SO and C.P. Bazar SO- action will be taken for repairing. 

3-8/13  :  Settlement of all pending personal claims before ensuing puja.

Reply   :  Instruction have already been issued to all the Branches of Divisional Office for settlement of all personal claims before puja. 

4-8/13  :  Repairing of line printer and pass book printers at Barasat HO.  [Action-BD-II]

Reply   :  Regarding line printer, CO will be reminded again for approval of the quotation and regarding pass book printers, AMC has already been settled and vendor will be contacted soon. 

5-8/13  :  Engagement of SDS for Barasat Division amongst the eligible retired officials.
Reply   :  On receipt of individual application, SDS will be engaged.

6-8/13  :  Immediate action towards total computerization of Badu, Michaelnagar  and Banipur SO.  [Action-BD-II]

Reply   :  Action will be taken on priority basis. 

7-8/13  :  Non-refusal of leave prayed for and necessary substitute arrangement in case of officials working at SOs. [Action-Staff-I]

Reply   :  As far as practicable leave of the staff will be granted and manning will be made from the available RPAs/junior Pas from the HOs of the suffering SOs.

8-8/13  :  Dequarterization of Rajarhat Gopalpur SO. [Action-Bldg br]

Reply   :  A report has already been received from the concerned sub-divisional ASPOs.  The matter will be taken up with the CO. 

Friday 23 August 2013


It is learnt that Finance Ministry has cleared the proposal of the Department of Posts to enhance the GDS Bonus ceiling from 2500 to 3500. Next step is getting Cabinet approval. We hope that Cabinet will approve it - M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE


In spite of General Strike on 12th Dec, 2012 and other trade union activities organized by this pioneer platform of postal employees as well as of other Central Govt. Employees demanding constitution of 7th Pay Commission, 50% merger of D.A. and other issues already submitted as charter of demand before the Central Govt., but they are keeping mum over those issues.

Finding no other alternatives a unified platform consisting of all trade union organization of Central Govt. employees including Indian Railways has decided to go on Indefinite Strike in the month of coming November or December.

Confederation of C.G. employees has decided to obtain Strike Opinion Ballot on 25, 26 & 27 of September - 2013 from all the employees towards mass campaigning over the issue.

Our fighting spirit as were in earlier occasion would be geared up again so that, most of the employees can Poll their opinion in favor of strike. 

Thursday 22 August 2013


A letter of Barasat Division office bearing no. A-1/EST/Parttime Allownce/Ch-I dated 21.08.2013 have been sent to all the concerned SPMs for immediate submission of a report along with supporting documents in respect of part time/contingent paid employees. All the SPMs are earnestly requested to submit the same as seeks by the Division Office after obtaining required documents from such employees who are working in Part Time post. The matter should be treated as most urgent because, the report was called by the Circle Office.

Requisite Documents - 1. Engagement Letter, 2. Age Proof(Birth Certificate/School Certificate), 3. Voter ID & Ration Card, 4. Educational Qualification Certificate.

Departmental IPO Examination New Schedule

Wednesday 21 August 2013

'Raksha Bandhan Utsab' has been successfully organized by Barasat Postal Recreation Club on 21.08.2013 at Barasat through tagging Rakhi and distributing sweets to all the members. We will be more united and promised for integrity our state as well as our country.

"DAK KATHA" - Aug'13

Tuesday 20 August 2013


Central Govt. is not in a position of changing retirement age from 60 to 62 at present. A huge propaganda were found in different medias, websites etc., but as per PTI, there is no such change regarding retirement age.

Monday 19 August 2013


As per DG Post letter no. 35-38/90 dtd 12.11.1990 communicated recently by the WB Circle Office vide letter  no. INV/L-41/8/70/Rlg/CH-V dated 12.08.2013 the appended rule is to be strictly followed.

" Introduction of depositors made by SAS agents for opening of SB accounts should be got verified by the Postmaster / PAs and supervisor concerned, i.e., specimen signature(s) of Depositor(s) introduced by SAS agents for opening of SB accounts should invariably be verified by the concerned Postmaster/PAs/Supervisors."


As per order of Ministry of health & Family Welfare vide OM no. S-6252/2003-04-R&H/CGHS(P) dated 15.06.2004 communicated by the WB Circle Office letter no. A&P/A/M-1/Rlg/PART-IV dated 15.07.2013, it is compulsory of deduction of CGHS monthly contribution from the salary of those official whose residence, as recorded in the service book, in the area covered by CGHS.

Monthly Meeting - August'13

Monthly Meeting with the S. POs', Barasat Division will be held on 22.08.2013. Members of this union are requested to intimate within 20.08.2013 to the concern Divisional Secretary regarding their problems, both personal and office related, so that, those will be highlighted in this meeting.

Saturday 17 August 2013


Blood Donation Camp organised by Barasat Divisional Unions will be held on 23rd November, 2013 (Saturday) at 10.00am at Barasat H.O.

Postman & MSE/Gr-D Divisional conference on 15th September

27th Biennial Divisional Conference of Postman & MSE/Gr-D union will be held on 15-09-2013 (Sunday) at Barasat HO from 10.30.hrs. Delegate fee is fixed Rs.200/- per head. Some coupons of Rs.5/- and Rs.10/- are being sent to all the members for collection from the people of their own beat areas for success of the conference.

Power of Withdrawal of BPM unchanged

There are no such order of changing withdrawal power of the BPMs from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10000/-. A order has been issued by the Directorate regarding changing of withdrawal limit from Rs.5000/- to 10000/- in case of verification by the IOPs /ASPs of the accounts existing at Branch Office and Single Handed Sub office.


Part timers' issue is being reviewed by a committee headed by PMG, Hyderabad constituted by the Department of POST. Recently two proforma report have called by the said committee from Circles / Divisions.

Friday 16 August 2013


Regarding present situation of Postal movements, problems of employees and on other issues a General Body Meeting of Group of Unions, NFPE, Barasat Division to be held on 24.08.2013 (Saturday) at 3.30pm at Barasat HO. Com. Tapan Dasgupta and Com. Nirmal Dey will deliberate the speech. All sections of employees under Barasat Division are requested to attend the meeting in time. Leaders of Divisional Union should take appropriate action for huge gathering in time.


GDS to MTS and GDS to Postman examination will be held on 15.09.2013 and 22.09.2013 respectively.
The last date of submission of application was fixed on 16.08.2013. If any problem arises regarding submission of application through concern Sub Divisional Head, inform immediately to the Secretary of Group-C or GDS Divisional Union by over phone.