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Thursday 25 September 2014


he Officiating ASPOs(HQ) of Malda Division, against whom series of complaints of sexual harassment were recorded by our lady comrades of Malda Division in August 2013, has finally been transferred to Dinajpur Division by the Circle Administration.

       Since his joining as ASP(HQ) in officiating capacity, almost all staff were subjected to his ill behaviour and arrogance. The women employees were the worst sufferers and after tolerating his insulting attitude and behaviour upto a certain level, they were compelled to file complaints of sexual harassment against him in August 2013. But instead of taking immediate action and initiate suitable inquiry on such serious complaints, the administration played different intrigues to delay and to protect him.

    The comrades of Malda Division have fought an inspiring struggle since then and denied to bow down before this indecent officer. Series of demonstrations and other trade union movements were launched in the division. The movement later got momentum and spread across the North Bengal Region and then throughout the Circle. Group-C Circle leadership repeatedly visited Malda and North Bengal R.O. especially on this issue. Demonstration program was also floored at Yogayog Bhavan and the issue was brought into the notice of all tiers of officers. The pressure was gradually mounting on the administration for the transfer of this officer.

    Watching tactical delay and reluctance of the administration, the Circle Union organised a demonstration of women workers at the Circle Office and a resolution was sent from there to the present Secretary (Posts) Smt. Kaveri Banerjee. Circle Union also discussed the matter with Smt. S.S.Kujur, DPS(HQ) and the Chairperson of the Womens' Cell of Circle Office. We have heard that she has also contributed with her observations for action against this officer. At the same time, Circle Union also had a legal consultation to assess the feasibility of legal proceedings against him and administrative inaction despite speaking legal provisions and many Supreme Court Rulings. 

    Under such a pressure, finally he has been ordered to be transferred to Dinajpur Division. The Circle Union holds that it is an inspiring instance of the positive outcome and achievement of demand through controlled but intense, relentless struggle coming out of tremendous unity of our comrades. No word is sufficient for the consistency and patience of our comrades of Malda Division, who faced the whims and arrogance of this offg. ASPOs(HQ) daily, but still carried the fight on. Circle Union also thanks all comrades of other divisions who reacted timely in a befitting manner on the call of Circle Union and participated in the demonstrations.

      Let us take a lesson from this movement and march forward with stronger conviction.     

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