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Thursday, 29 May 2014


The General Secretary
New Delhi-8

Proposals of AIPEU, Barasat Divisional Branch Unions regarding some issues to be raised before the 7th Central Pay Commission.

    A.    Pay related issues:

1.      Upliftment of pay structure of MTS officials:-
Even in the recommendations of 5th Pay Commission of the Gr – D Staffs were one promotion behind the scale of Postman. At that time one getting TBOP promotion they got the initial scale of Postman. But in the present structure even after 2nd MACP they remain far behind from the initial pay scale of Postman. Thus parity between the MTS scale and Postman scale should be brought back with upliftment of pays of the both cadre.

2.      Equal rate of HRA for all:-
It is causing a huge financial difference between the employees of so called ‘A’ class cities and the employees of other types of cities/ villages which in turn inviting “Rat race” between employees. It is not only destroying the working environment of the offices but also has become an unlawful weapon to a section of administration, who are utilising the scope at their whims to threaten the sub- ordinate employees, to make favouritism and in many other ways. To stop this HRA at the equal rate of at least 30% of basic pay for all should be introduced with the provision of extending the same to a certain limit on production of original money receipt of expenditure in the shape of HRA.

3.      Introduction of System Assistant / Marketing executive cadre:-
Introduction of System Assistant/ Marketing executive cadre with higher scale of pay and introduction of departmental exam to qualify for the said cadre.

4.      Enhancement of Education Allowance:-
It should be at least 36000/- per annum per child instead of Rs. 18000/- (Present)

5.      Non- Stoppage of MACP promotion:-
Non stoppage of MACP promotion on the ground of forgoing functional promotion considering the fact that MACP is financial up gradation, not promotion and in no circumstances it should be tagged with promotion.

6.      Equal transport /Convey allowance:-
Equal transport/Convey allowances at least at the rate of 10% of basic pay to all. The present system of less transport allowance in rural areas is clearly unjustified. There is no reason of less expenditure in the shape of conveyance in rural areas. On the country sometimes it is higher than that of urban areas due to scarcity of mode of transport.

7.      Upliftment of Pay Scale of PO & RMS Accountant:-
The system of special pay should be stopped and they should be promoted to higher grade pay on qualifying the PO & RMS Accountant Exam, without treating the said upliftment of grade pay as ‘One of the MACP’.
    B.     Holiday related issues:

1.      One year CCL for one child for male official also.
2.      The present restriction of availing CCL for 15 days shall be quit off.
3.      Two days weekly holidays on Saturday for operative office also.
4.      12 days Casual Leave instead of 8 in one Calendar year.
5.      State wise separate holidays giving importance to the state wise religious festivals.

    C.     Medical Insurance:
Cashless Medical Insurance coverage to all employees (including the dependents) for at least Rs 10 lacks for each per annum.

    D.    Financial benefits to employees:-
1.      Home Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan at the rate of PF interest rate for departmental employee.
2.      Increase in Interest rate for all the Savings schemes running in the post offices by departmental employees.

    E.      Others facilities:
1.      All India LTC block for 2 years.
2.      Leave encashment for LTC 10 times in service life instead of 6.
3.      In case of cash equivalent of leave salary on retirement (under clause of CCS Leave rule no-39(2)) commutation of half pay leave shall be permissible in case of any shortfall in Earn Leave.
4.      Encashment of Earn Leave shall be permitted for 15 days instead of 10 days at the time of availing LTC while in service.
5.      Retirement Gratuity shall be admissible at the rate of ‘Half’ the emoluments instead of 1/4th of emoluments for each completed six monthly period of qualifying service.

 Thanking You,

Barasat Divisional Branch

Dated at Barasat
The 24th May 2014

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